in you is home….part 2

it was such a wonderful experience to be a part of the whole process of In You is Home- the stunning performance put on by Erika Ruegemer & Co and the Pickpockets at the Yards at the end of April. The photos from the initial promo shoot ar

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e a few entries ago, and I thought I would post a few of my faves from the actual performance here- there are a LOT but i just picked a few for now. (You can see way more of them in the album on facebook.) There’s also a really great review of the performance over at the Yards’ blog, that does an excellent job recapping the whole thing. I still have some of the music from it floating around in my head….

Erika already has the next project underway (that girl does not stop!) and someone else will have to photograph…because I’m dancing in it! Aah! We’ll see how that goes. It involves animals and the Jazz Fest. !!