Good Food Collective: Fancy Farmers

A few months ago, my friend Chris asked me if I would take on a portrait project for the Good Food Collective’s end of the year bash. The Good Food Collective is a multi-farm Community Support

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ed Agriculture (CSA) project that provides food from 12 different area farms to over 800 members. If you know me at all, you know I love visiting and photographing farms more than most other things. Plus this one had a fun twist……the farmers were all asked to wear their fanciest attire. As Chris said, the idea was to go beyond the typical “farmer portrait” to capture the farming crew as the sophisticated, polished, and professional individuals that they are. It took a few very solid days of driving all over this side of New York- but it was a great deal of fun, and so neat to get to see all of the farms and meet everyone involved. So far as I could tell, these fine folks are as nice as they are nice looking, and they grow some awfully delicious food. Enjoy.

Doug Mason, Mason Farms

Jonathan, Erin, Mike, & Joanna, Mud Creek Farm

Trystan & Max, First Light Farm and Creamery

Kurt & Jake, Clearview Farm

Sara, Ed, Mary, & Clare Fraser, Fraser’s Garlic Farm

Jamie, Chelsea, & Jeremiah, Squash Blossom Farm

Natalie, Jessica, Brian, Oliver, Shannon, Carolyn, & Sam, Raindance Harvest

Leith, Sweet Grass Meats

Sue & Amy, Hurd Orchards

Chris, Adam, Jake, & Mark, Lagoner Farms

Fred & Kira, HoneyHill Farm

Phil, Fisher Hill Farm

Nissa, Natalie, Carolyn, Shannon, Chad, Sara, Sam, & Chris - the Good Food Collective Distribution Team