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Thunder Baby

It was a total honor to spend the evening of the fourth of July taking photographs with my dear friends Rachel & Matt. They’re expecting their first baby basically any day now, and Rachel is one of the most radiantly gorgeous pregnant mamas I have ever seen. I’ve enjoyed photographing their band for a few [...]

As sometimes seems to happen, I’ve jumped right from February to July without any updates over here.  The spring was chock full of gardening and kids and plays and general insanity, and now we’ve hit summer- which for me is a double (triple? quadruple?) whammy of running a garden/multiple youth programs, and wedding season- in [...]

When the time came in mid January to begin thinking about how to contribute to the collaborative Girls vs. Boys show at the Yards, I couldn’t have been more bereft of inspiration. In the midst of heartache and a real whammy of a case of winter blues, it was hard to imagine creating anything; plus, [...]

Beth & Jarred. <3

So this year, my best friend in the whole wide world is getting married. I have known and loved Beth for the last seventeen years,  and I couldn’t be happier for her & Jarred.  The trend over the last few years has been that when a good friend of mine has gotten hitched, i’ve often [...]

2012 in review.

Well. 2012 has come and gone….and what a year. Looking back, 2010 was kind of stagnant, 2011 was really hard, and 2012 was overall, totally wonderful. It was a year measured in successes and joy, more so than any in recent memory. One of my resolutions was to let go of the anger and resentment [...]